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xtava Pro-Satin Infrared Straighteners Review and Giveaway

I have curly mop hair. In fact when I was much younger and much more vain I used to straighten it nearly every day. It went with the gothic jet black hair look, alright? So when I was offered these straighteners to review and a set to give away to you lovely people, I said great! Youthful good looks for me once more!


xtava Pro-Satin Infrared Straighteners

Lets begin with some specs shall we? They have an extra-wide, 5-cm bottom floating plate, plus upper Dual-Plate technology that maintains even heat. The infrared heat technology they use means there’s less damage done to the hair cuticles. They have 11 temperature settings ranging from 130°C-230°C allowing you to control how much heat is applied to your hair.

The temperature is helpfully displayed on a little LCD screen so you know when they’re at the right temperature. No waiting around unsure!

What I like

Me straightening my hair

They heat up much faster than regular straighteners, in 90 seconds in fact, and they have an auto-shutoff function to stop you burning your house into oblivion. You get a useful insulated bag to store them in, meaning you can put them away without having to worry too much that they’re still a bit toasty.

The straighteners come on an 8ft 10in cord that has a 360° swivel thing on it. I managed to straighten my hair without tying myself in knots and having to call for help.

What Didn’t Work for Me

The plates on these things are really big. That’s probably great for anyone that has long luscious locks of hair, but made things a little more fiddly for me. That’s not to say they didn’t work, they made a really good job as you can err… *Cough*… See in this brilliant selfie… #No filter…

A selfie of me with newly straightened hair

My hair stood to attention just fine and I had no problems styling it afterwards, so big thumbs up!


Win a pair of these things for yourself here! (This competition is being ran by the supplier so they’ll contact you about the prize if you win)

Win the xtava Pro-Satin Infrared Straightener #12

Good luck and happy straightening!

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