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Orzly Nintendo Switch Case Review

I’m loving the portability of Nintendo’s new console but I’m a total klutz. No way am I going to risk my beloved new toy getting broken! I needed to acquire a case to protect my precious handheld and this is the one I chose. If you’re looking for a smartly designed piece of protective kit, look no further than┬ámy Orzly Nintendo Switch case review.

Orzly Nintendo Switch Case Review

ORZLY Switch Case Closed

Many of the cases I saw while shopping around were soft in nature. I wanted something more protective and with enough space to carry around a few accessories. The Orzly Nintendo Switch case is exactly what I was looking for. It has a hard shell for extra protection and plenty of internal space for those little extras.

As you can see in the photo below, there’s plenty of room to store my folding Sennheiser PX100-II headphones. That area with the retaining net in the top half is more than spacious enough to stow a few cables or a battery pack too. It certainly provides some welcome extra room when compared to some of the other options I considered.

ORZLY Switch Case Filled

The flap that covers the screen doubles as a hands location to keep your games. There are eight little pockets so you’ll have a good selection of cartridges to choose from on the go. The other side is covered in a soft microfiber to keep your screen protected from your other contents. I nabbed one of these Orzly screen protectors for a bit of extra piece of mind too!

As for the half of the case that cradles your precious Switch, you’ll find that it’s pleasing well designed. Unlike many other cases the area is moulded to fit the Joy-Cons so your console sits perfectly in place. There are two retaining elasticated strips that surround your Switch and hold in snuggly in place during transit.

ORZLY Switch Case Open

I’m sure you can tell from this Orzly Nintendo Switch case review that I’m impressed. If you’re in the market for a case I recommend you consider this one! You can nab the Orzly Nintendo Switch case at Amazon.

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