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Opinions on the Nintendo Switch Launch

The Nintendo Switch Launch was a week ago now and there’s been a bit of a mixed response. I’ve already written about my thoughts from the reveal, so I thought I’d do a little roundup of the latest info.

Suffice to say, Nintendo seems to be off to a good start and I’m hoping things continue smoothly from here. Read on fellow gamers!

Solid Initial Sales

Nintendo Switch Logo

I’m pleased to see that the Nintendo Switch launch has seen a good number of consoles find their way into the hands of gamers. It was reported by that over 80k were sold in the launch weekend alone.

That number is double what the ill fated Wii-U managed, but less than Nintendo’s other handhelds. That’s also less than either the PS4 or Xbox One. I don’t think you can make any real comparisons there however, they’re targeting a different market after all.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild was the strongest selling game, which I think was to be expected. It’s the only real core exclusive game on offer at the moment. I don’t see 1-2-Switch maintaining any sort of momentum at that eye watering £40 price tag.

Joy-Con Problems

There have been a few technical niggles upsetting the Nintendo Switch launch. Reports appeared all over the internet of issues maintaining a good connection with the console if the Joy-Cons were disconnected.

Eurogamer tested this particular issue and found things became very unreliable beyond about three meters away. There was a launch software update, but that too seems to have left the issue unaddressed.

If this truly is a software problem I’m sure Nintendo will solve it, but I can see how it would be disappointing. Especially for anyone who bought the Switch with docked use in mind. My sofa is well over three meters away from the TV and I’m sure that will be the case for many others.

Comfort and Build Quality

Nintendo Switch Launch

Thankfully the Nintendo Switch Launch has seen a lot of praise for its build quality. The console seems built to last and the matt finish is pleasingly scratch resistant. The only criticism I’ve seen is of the flip out stand.

There’s a plastic construction on the rear of the tablet that kicks out to hold the unit upright. It’s similar in nature to the kick stand offered by a Microsoft Surface tablet. Sadly though it’s nowhere near as sturdy and a slight knock is all that’s needed for the Switch to fall over.

On the comfort front, there’s been some upheaval over the shape of the Joy-Con grip supplied in the box. It doesn’t feel quite right in the hand and the orientation can have a negative effect on control accuracy.

There is the option of using the Pro Controller instead if you are going to regularly play while docked. The controller has been widely praised for its design and comfort too. There is the small issue of it being yet another expensive accessory in the line-up though.

The Nintendo Switch Launch

The launch has been a bit of a mixed bag so far. I can’t help but praise Nintendo however for having the courage to do something different. I’m getting a bit tired of the same tried and tested formulas offered by the other consoles.

As it stands, there’s a lot to love about the Switch and I’m hoping Nintendo will back up this innovative hardware with a library of great games. So far there’s been a few too many re-masters and re-releases from Wii-U for my tastes. We need to start seeing some original content and I hope Nintendo will do just that at E3.

Most shops have sold out due to limited stock. But, if you’re in the market for the most powerful gaming handheld you can buy, the Switch is available to order at Amazon.

Have you got a Nintendo Switch? How are you finding it so far?

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