I Only Went & Bought a Bloody Mac!

This weekend me and Windows really fell out. For the umpteenth time Microsoft’s bloated, sputtering, behemoth decided that it doesn’t like drivers and pissed off behind a blue screen of mystery. Well, that was it. Last straw. I marched straight to the nearest Apple store and traded in my principles for an iMac.

Your Principles You Say?

iMac on Desk

Yep, I handed them over with a massive smile on my face and evil-laughed my way back to the car, toting an enormous box containing a 5K 27 inch beauty of a computer. You see, I’ve always been one of those voices that the Apple faithful dislike. I’ve complained that their machines are overpriced and underpowered. I’ve joked about Apples closed ecosystem and insisted that I could never let go of the open nature of windows.

But the truth is I’ve been looking to ditch Windows for a while, as I wrote about previously. Unfortunately the Linux plan never quite panned out. Hardware and graphics support is just too hit and miss! Which brings me to the following point. Openness sucks and can fuck right off.

I’m fed up of spending hours fixing relatives computers because Windows decided it didn’t like a particular accessory they plugged in. Or purging gigabytes worth of malware from their PCs because the open box environment of Windows makes it virtually impossible NOT to get caught out unless you’re a tech wizard.

From now on I’ll look at them blankly, grab them by the hand (not in a tender loving way, in an urgent get-the-fuck-over-here way) and march them to the nearest Apple store.

But Aaron, Don’t Macs Break Too?

Computer Virus

Yep. No technology is infallible. But the likelihood of hiccups is considerably less when the following is taken into account:

  • You can almost entirely ignore risks from viruses and malware
  • Apple have very carefully selected parts and components with specially built drivers to match
  • The build quality of Macs compared to the majority of everything else is superb
  • They have a genuinely brilliant support team that you can walk in and talk to virtually everywhere

Let me tell you a little story featuring Katy of KatyKicker.com. She has a Mac Book. It broke. She took it to an Apple store and they sorted it no questions asked. The end. There are plenty of stories like this all over the place and I know plenty of die-hard Apple buyers who’ve had exactly the same experience.

But Macs ARE Overpriced and Underpowered Aren’t They?


Let me put this into perspective. The iMac I just bought has hands down, the most GORGEOUS computer display I have ever seen. It’s a 5K screen, meaning it has a resolution of 5120 x 2880 pixels, making it pin sharp and with incredible colour accuracy. This is extremely important for someone like me, who is both a photography geek and a pretty good digital artist.

If you want to buy a screen of that quality on its own you’ll be looking at over £1300, just for the monitor. They’re also few and far between, so you might then have to go for the next best thing, which would be a good quality 4K monitor. Even then you’re looking at a good £800 or so.

Add to that the convenience of having a powerful i7 processor and RX580 graphics packed into a tiny aluminium shell? That price isn’t looking quite as bad anymore, is it?

I’m a Shameless Convert

So there you have it. Not only am I now a Mac owner I’ve also found myself carrying an iPhone. Oh Lord what have I become? I don’t regret it at all. Not one bit.

Stay tuned for impressions on the iMac and how I found the transition later this week.

Are you a fellow shameless convert? Or a lifelong Apple user? Let me know in the comments.

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The Revered
I have been a mac convert since I traded a load of games/old tech to CEX about 10 years ago. Got me a mac mini and what I didn’t know is I got a wireless keyboard & mouse with it. That did me for maybe 6 years when I found a 2nd hand newer (Intel processor!) version in all aluminium. Then 2 years ago I finally got me my first brand new mac – a macbook pro! i7 16gb ram… Read more »

Best purchase you can ever make. I’ve never looked back since getting my Macbook Pro

The Reverend

They are great! 😀


I’m slowly changing all of my tech over to Apple .. their customer service is so much better!