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Yorkshire Metal Meeting: Normaliser, Petrichor & Myth of a Life

Firstly, if you follow this blog you’ll be aware that I do a hell of a lot of Photography! This weekend I saw Normaliser, Petrichor and then Myth of a Life play at the Yorkshire Metal Meeting in Selby. The photography therefore, was a necessity. Here’s a selection of photos from the gig. You should certainly look them up on social media and give them some love.


Here’s a band that knows how to dress for a show! They made the atmosphere entirely their own and were a pleasure to watch too. They’re a blackened funeral doom act from Leeds in West Yorkshire.

The three piece consists of Crowbane, Nadir and also Grim.

Click the photos to see at a larger size.


Normaliser are a heavy progressive post metal band from my home city, Sheffield. I have the pleasure of being good friends with these guys and photograph them regularly. If you enjoy complex, heavy music that changes with every track, you’ll love Normaliser. I’ll be joining them on planned UK and EU dates this year too, so check them out!

Band members are Daniel Callaghan, Theo Milne-Picken, Nathaniel Wells and finally Chris Daniels.

Click the photos to see at a larger size.

Myth of a Life

Also from Sheffield, Myth of a Life are a melodic death metal band. You can find them on Bandcamp and Facebook, because they’re awesome.

The band members are Tom Warner, Phil Dellas, Will Price and last but not least, Liam Banks.

Click the photos to see at a larger size.

Finally, please do check these bands out. I certainly enjoyed watching all three of them!

Do you enjoy live music too?

Normaliser Petrichore Myth of a Life

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