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Tunisia Photo Blog: My African Father and Son Adventure

A couple of years ago I spent a fortnight in North Africa with my dad and brother. So I’ve put together this Tunisia photo blog to share some of the views.

There’s actually lots to see, from the barren but gorgeous Sahara Desert to some of the filming locations for Star Wars! I’ve selected the best photos from the trip and compiled them here for your pleasure.

Remember, you don’t need fancy equipment to take lovely photos. Because of the long trip across the Sahara all I took was my smartphone!

Tunisia Photo Blog: A Desert Far, Far Away

Much of the Tatooine landscape and also the homes of Luke Skywalker and Old Ben were filmed in Tunisia. We looked around the house of a local family which was used in the film too, you might recognise some of it!

Click the photos to see at a larger size.

The Sahara: More Than Just Sand

First of all, the Sahara Desert was certainly not what I expected. Our guides told us how everyone thinks the desert is just mile after mile of sand dunes.

That’s actually not true because there’s three distinct regions making up the Sahara. There’s the sand, the rock and also the salt flats, all of which we visited.

Click the photos to see at a larger size.

Buildings and Structures

Tunisia is also home to a Roman amphitheatre. Furthermore, as you can see it’s exceptionally well preserved.

After quite a trip we finally arrived in the Holy Tunisian city of Kairouan. The Mosque of Uqba is situated here.

Click the photos to see at a larger size.

Tunisia Photo Blog – A Beautiful Country

It’s a real shame that Tunisia has been victim to terrorist attacks. The country beautiful and there’s an incredible amount of things to see too. If you’re looking for a real adventure I highly recommend it because there’s more here than just a beach!

Have you ever been to Tunisia?

Tunisia Photo Blog

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  1. Love the colours in these photos. Impressed that they were all taken with just a smartphone. I’ve never been to Tunisia myself, but would definitely like to.

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