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Thornton Abbey Gatehouse: English Heritage Photo Blog

The Thornton Abbey Gatehouse is situated in North Lincolnshire, not far from Cleethorpes. It’s a grand example of a monastic gatehouse and also the largest in England.

I’ve picked out the best photos from our visit to share with you. If you visit be assured there’ll be sheep, lots and lots of sheep.

The Gatehouse

While the ruins of the abbey are present at the site, when you arrive you’ll be greeted first by the beautiful fortified gatehouse. It’s exceptionally well preserved and you can also explore inside its cramped hallways and stairwells.

Thornton Abbey Gatehouse was one of the richest Augustinian monasteries of its time. You can see evidence of this in its grandeur. It became a secular college in the 1500s and so managed to survive the Suppression.

Click the photos to see at a larger size.

Thornton Abbey

When you’ve seen everything the gatehouse has to offer, the abbey itself lies a short stroll away down the path. While there’s far less of the abbey itself left, it’s still a wonderful example of period architecture.

There are sheep everywhere, at least there were when we arrived. Eban particularly enjoyed “communicating” with them, using his mad baaing skills.

Click the photos to see at a larger size.

Thornton Abbey Gatehouse

We really enjoyed our visit to this historic site and the incredible views. It’s a nice diversion if you’re heading over toward the east coast too. We spent half a day at the sea side and then drove on to the abbey.

If you enjoyed these photos, I’ve got several more blogs from English Heritage locations¬†you might like too. If you’d like to visit yourself you can join the English Heritage here and support the work to preserve such places all over the country.

Thornton Abbey Gatehouse

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