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The Royal Armouries Leeds – An Educational Day Out

With the school holidays looming once again, you might be looking for some days out with the kids. We visited The Royal Armouries in Leeds a few weekends ago and it was a brilliantly educational place. Perfect for a day out with the kids. They might even learn something along the way!

The Royal Armouries – It’s Free!

Royal Armouries

You can’t get much better than a free day out! If you’re in the Yorkshire area then The Royal Armouries is easy to get to, on the outskirts of Leeds. Entry is 100% free, so all you need to pay for is some parking. There’s plenty within a short walk of the museum and it’s helpfully signposted all over the place.

If you do have some spends, there’s a gift shop inside and a café. When you’ve finished looking around there’s a few pubs and restaurants in the area to get something to eat. The little plaza where the museum is located is quite pleasant to walk around too.

Some Photos from The Royal Armouries

Inside the museum you’ll find a range of exhibits over several floors. There’s also a program of live performances and demonstrations along the way. One of these that we stopped to watch, showed how medieval combat was accomplished with different weapons. They’re an interesting diversion and watching the combat kept Eban well entertained.

Click the pictures to see the gallery.

The exhibits cover everything from ancient Viking weaponry, to western medieval armour and hunting. There’s an entire floor on eastern cultural pieces too. Continuing on you’ll see a range of items designed for competitions such as jousting. There are even a few sets of Henry VIII’s personal armour on display!

You’ll find several mock ups on the way through that feature animals in their armour and battle scenes set up as they would’ve looked all those years ago. The elephant went down particularly well with Eban, he was convinced that it was real! In addition, you’ll find a play area full of toys if you’ve got smaller children that need a break from walking around.

The Royal Armouries – A Great Day Out

The whole family (including Grandad) really enjoyed the trip. We learned a lot and the extra facilities mean that even smaller children should be well occupied. You can’t get better value than free either! This was the first time any of us had been, but we’ll definitely be going back.

Have you been to The Royal Armouries before?

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