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Normaliser & Sertraline Live Photos

I was lucky enough to be invited along to take some photos of a few bands playing live at Heaven & Hell Fest 2017 in Hull. I attended on the Monday evening and photographed Normaliser and Sertraline. Here’s a few shots from the night for your viewing pleasure!


Normaliser are a Sheffield based progressive metal band and good friends of mine. They played a brilliant set, including their recently released track “404”. I’ve included the video below, it’s a great song and I love how expertly the video has been put together.

Here’s the photos, which you can click to see in a gallery. The band members are Daniel Callaghan on vocals and guitar, Theo Milne-Picken on lead guitar, Nathaniel Wells on bass and Chris Daniels on drums.


Sertraline are a melodic metal band originally from Stoke on Trent. Lizzie, their fantastic lead vocalist explained how their lives have led them to be more dotted around the north of England now. I’ll bet band practice is an exercise in patience! Here’s a video for one of their tracks from YouTube:

And my photos are below. In addition to Lizzie, there’s Mike and Wilson on guitar, Hendo on bass and Si on drums.

Heaven & Hell Fest 2017

It was a pleasure photographing these two outstanding bands and I’ll have more to share in the coming weeks. For now if you’d like to see more of my photography in general have a look here and I’ve also got a previous post featuring Normaliser at a gig in Selby.

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