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Isle of Man Photos – Part Three

This will be the third set of Isle of Man photos I’ve put into a blog post. The island is beautiful and there’s so much to see that my camera was working full time!

If you missed the previous instalments, there’s a landscapes focused post and also a more nature focused one here. Lets get going then, on another tour through my Isle of Man Photos!

Isle of Man Photos – Gallery One

This first set of pictures were taken mainly around Laxey. Then there’s a single shot from Port Erin where we visited the Railway Museum. The steam railway and the tramways are two of the classic methods of transport that still run on the island.

Unfortunately we didn’t get time to ride a steam train, much to the dissatisfaction of my inner child. We did however take a tram from Douglas to Laxey and then from there up to Snaefell, the highest peak on the Island.

Click any photo to view larger.

Isle of Man Photos – Gallery Two

There’s a quick shot of the tram after we arrived on the peak of Snaefell. The views from here are simply astonishing as you can see from the picture looking down into a valley below.

Peel quickly became one of my favourite places in the world. It holds a rich history for my wife’s family. Her great, great, great grandfather William Cashen was custodian of the castle until 1912 and a recognised keeper of Manx folklore.

Finally we have a photo of the keep at Castletown. In the past Castletown was the centre of government in the Isle of Man. The old debating chamber is now a heritage site too and open for visitation by the public.

Isle of Man Photos – Visit for Yourself

I’d encourage anyone to consider the Isle of Man as a destination for their next holiday. It’s unlike anywhere else in the world, with a rich history and culture distinct and unique from anywhere else in the British Isles.

I hope you’ve enjoyed another look through my lens at this incredible little island.

Isle of Man Photos Pin

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4 thoughts on “Isle of Man Photos – Part Three

  1. Great photos! I particularly like the row of terraced houses, not sure why but it looks like a great street to live.

    Never actually been to the IOM myself, although i’ve been wanting to for the last year or so.

  2. I also like the row of terraced houses, and the black and white castle. Would love to visit the Isle of Man at some point, you’ve made it seem quite tranquil yet interesting at the same time. x

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