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Isle of Man Nature Photos – Wallabies & Seals!

Following on from my landscape focused blog during the week, for today I’m concentrating on Isle of Man Nature. We visited almost every corner of the Island during the trip, so I’ve got a bundle to share! From wallabies (yes – wallabies!) to stealth seals too, I hope you’ll enjoy them!

Growing Things (But Mostly a Stealth Seal)

One of the things I adore about being out in the wild is the way things just grow. Left to their own devices plants can create some beautiful structures. I particularly enjoy the colour of that bright red fungus against the drab swampy background where I found it hiding.

Unfortunately we were too early for seal season so I was stunned (in a happy way) when a sneaky seal popped up from the surface near Peel Castle. He didn’t hang around long, just stopped for a breather. There was just enough time to get a photo as he surfaced for air. Then he disappeared back under water and we didn’t see him again.

Here’s me hoping I get to see some more when we return this year!

Animals Galore

Curraghs Wildlife Park has plenty of animals to see which kept Eban well entertained. Most surprising though, was the population of wallabies, they’re even free to roam the swampy walkways that surround the park. They’re pretty fearless too, you have to get pretty close before they turn tail and hop away.

As you would expect the Isle of Man is also home to a huge variety of sea birds. I have no idea what most of them are, but I can tell you one of these is a seagull. Yeah, expert right? Loaghton Sheep are a native breed characterised by those impressive horns. The males are the ones with the biggest point bits, like really extravagant living coat hooks.

There’s Orry the Manx Cat here sat in a window at Cregneash. Manx Cats don’t have full tails, usually just a stump. He was a friendly little ball of fluff too!

Show me your photos!

I’m looking forward to finally getting back on the island this year. I’d love to see your travel snapshots too, so get on my social media and show me your best photos!

For more Isle of Man photos, take a peek here.

Isle of Man Nature

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  1. It’s somewhere I’ve never thought about going but your photographs are really selling it to me now!

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