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Photo Blog: Surprise View, Castleton and Peveril Castle

The beautiful village of Castleton sits in the Peak District of Derbyshire. The ruins of Peveril Castle are also located atop a hill overlooking the village. The imposing structure can be seen from almost anywhere below. Here’s a selection of photos from Castleton and Peveril Castle, because photography is awesome, enjoy.

Peveril Castle

Built by Henry II in 1176, the keep is an early Norman fortress open for exploration to all. Breathtaking views down into the valleys and lots of history is here to be enjoyed. Maintained by the English Heritage, the ruins are accessible for free if you join as a member.

At only £95 for a fifteen month family pass the price is exceptional. Best of all, because the English Heritage are custodians of sites dotted all over the country, it’ll be a long while before you run out of things to see!

Where we live in South Yorkshire there’s Roche Abbey, Bolsover Castle, Monk Bretton Priory and others all within a short drive.

Click the photos to see at a larger size.

Castleton and Surrounding Areas

The village of Castleton is gorgeous all on it’s own. The streets are home to many unique shops and eateries too. However, the peak district in which it resides is one of the most serene and breathtaking places in the country.

Surprise View, where some of the photos below were taken, is a stunning location to see the sunset amid rolling fields of Heather. Parking is available at the entrance and is also free if you arrive after 6 pm, just in time for those incredible sunsets!

Late summer set the stage for these photos, with the heather in full bloom.

Click the photos to see at a larger size.

Castleton and Peveril Castle

Finally, I haven’t even mentioned the great pubs and restaurants dotting Castleton’s narrow streets. Then there’s The Devil’s Arsehole (I kid you not, that’s it’s real name!), a network of caves open to the public to explore.

I highly recommend a visit if you’re in the area! It’s a brilliant family day out with lots to see and do! Do you have a favourite place to for a family day out? Ever considered joining the English Heritage?

Finally, for more photo blogs, take a peek here.

Castleton and Peveril Castle

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  1. Beautiful photos. If I’m ever up that way I’ll have to make time to visit the peak district. I hear it’s one of the most gorgeous places in the country.

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