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E is for Eban – Virtual Wombat A-Z

Thus we arrive at the letter E. E is for elephants, elastic and entropy. My choice though in this entry of my A-Z is Eban, my boy, my offspring and fruit of my loins. Here’s a short summary of what makes my son a wonderful kid and my favourite person in the world.

Say Hello to Eban, My Mini Nerd

Eban Sock Hands

You can never truly tell how your little ones will develop. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with them exploring their own interests, which Eban has in spades. I’m incredibly happy however that he has turned into a genuine little Virtual Wombat junior. He’s a no holds barred, full on micro-nerd after my own heart.

We both love gaming, Star Wars, Nintendo and a plethora of other such nonsense. Sharing these interests as we do makes our time together heaps of fun and means we always have something to talk about or shenanigans to engage in. Even if a large part of that revolves around me having my fingers smashed into dust during simulated lightsaber combat.

Polite and Well Behaved

Every parent overflows with pride when they’re told that they’re kid is a good ‘un. Eban always makes me smile with his tender and friendly temperament. Every teacher remarks on his manners and his willingness to help. He’s the kid that walks into school shouting good morning to all the staff as he makes his way to the classroom.

I’m proud because the feedback we get means we must be doing something right as parents. I’m not claiming that he’s perfect, not by any means. Like any child, there are hiccups and times when we have to explain that certain things aren’t acceptable and why. For the most part though, I can’t help feeling we’ve been incredibly lucky.

Smart and Aware of the World

Castleton and Peveril Castle
Sproglett made a new friend

Eban is a smart and inquisitive child. He asks questions and uses words well beyond his years. He’s deeply interested in history and has decided he’d like to be either a Palaeontologist or Archaeologist. He’s under no Indiana Jones illusions either, he just wants to explore history or find a new dinosaur and have Ebanosaurus in a text book some day. All I can do is support him.

That’s not to say he’s lost his imagination, far from it. In fact compared to other kids his age I believe his imagination to be rich and varied. He tells me stories about his escapades, his imaginary discoveries and adventures in the supermarket aisles. I’m incredibly proud to call myself a father and I could never have asked or hoped for a more lovable and beautiful boy than Eban.

I am a lucky man indeed.

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