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Mother’s Day Pranks – Torture Your Mum

Ah Mother’s Day, another date on the calendar designed to guilt trip you into spending money. Seriously, no one should need to be reminded to treat their mum. Anyway, as every blog on the planet seems to be listing gift guides, I decided to take a different approach. Here’s a list of Mother’s Day pranks instead.

Go on, really make her day.

Mother’s Day Pranks

Hate Valentines Day

Hide the Toilet Roll – Incredibly childish yes, but bloody funny. You’ll need to be creative with this one and hide every loo roll in the house somewhere completely bizarre. In the fridge, under the sofa or in the boot of the car. Hide them in bags, pillows, the loft or shed, the possibilities are endless.

Mess with Her Food – Another option filled with possibilities. You could pretend to be bringing her yogurt, but swap it out for mayonnaise. Put chilli powder in her ketchup. Replace all the booze in the house with diluted squash or water. Be inventive and I’m sure you’ll come up with some great ideas to drive the old lady absolutely bonkers.

Change the Clocks – This one will require a bit of preparation. Simply make sure that every clock in the house displays the wrong time. You’ll need to change her watch too if she has one for this to work. On Mother’s Day morning, convince her that she’s had a ridiculously long lie in.

Autocorrect Prank – Did you know you can modify the dictionary in a phone to change a specific word to something else? Use this feature to your advantage and change some common words to something rude. Perhaps “the” could become “bum” on every occasion. If your mum always signs a text a certain way, change that to something a little more humorous.

More Mother’s Day Pranks

Mother's Day Pranks

Get a Fake Tattoo – Not every parent is worried about tattoos, but you can still do this by putting the fake in a ridiculous place. You can get some pretty convincing wash off tattoos these days. Try putting one on your forehead or neck before you go round to visit. Then watch the horror in her face as you walk through the door.

The Bathroom Prank – You need a light switch on the outside of the bathroom for this. When mummy dearest goes to *cough* do her business, turn the light off from the outside. This one only works either when it’s dark or in a loo with no windows. Either way, you can sit back and enjoy the sound of her cursing you while she fumbles about.

Home Screen Fun – Take a screenshot of the desktop or home screen on your mums laptop or phone. Take all the icons and place them in a folder somewhere out of the way for easy restoration later on. Then set the screenshot you took as the desktop or home screen background. Watch the confusion creep across her face.

The Classic – The easiest Mother’s Day prank of all. Just pretend you forgot all about it! Make no mention of Mother’s Day, act as if this is a normal visit and then pretend to leave. You can grab your actual gift out of the car and pop back in before any real damage is done.

Any ideas?

For the record, you’re not allowed to blame me if you do try any of these! I suppose you could use these tricks at any time of year really, it just feels more special somehow on Mother’s day. What? If the shops can say that about a card and flowers I can certainly say it for pranks.

Do you have any ideas for Mother’s Day pranks of your own? Share them in the comments below.

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