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My 5 Favourite Children’s Books for World Book Day

World Book Day celebrates the wonders of reading. It encourages children and adults alike to sit back and enjoy a good story. I’ve compiled a list of my favourite children’s books for World Book Day.

There’s nothing better than cuddling up with your sprogs and sharing the glories of a good book. Roald Dahl anyone?

Children’s Books for World Book Day – The BFG

We’ll begin with a book I’ve had the utmost pleasure in sharing with Eban. As a child, I loved the works of Roald Dahl and I read every single one of his books.

Eban is reaching the age now where he can read these by himself, but we’ve used many as bedtime stories in the past, reading a few chapters at a time. The BFG tells the story of Sophie and her exciting adventure with The Big Friendly Giant.

BFG is not like the other inhabitants of Giant Country. He is kind, lovable and most certainly doesn’t eat children. The story progresses with Sophie and the BFG making plans to save the world’s children from a grizzly fate.

The book is filled with Roald Dahl’s trademark humour, word play and imagination. From snozzcumbers to whizzpoppers, there’s so much to make you and the kids laugh!

You can make a good start on a Roald Dahl collection with a set like this one on Amazon.

Children’s Books for World Book Day – Cops and Robbers

Children's Books for World Book Day

Eban and I have had many a chuckle with this book and at one point it was his nightly bed time story. The book is basically one long poem and it becomes very memorable because of the rhyming.

It tells the story of Officer Pugh as he tracks down and catches the pesky robbers plaguing London town. When you become familiar with the words it’s a lot of fun to read or sing along together.

I’ll never forget the laughs as Officer Pugh gets on the tail on Grandma Swagg, the most villainous robber of them all. Get that truncheon ready!

If you get hold of a copy (it’s on Amazon) I’m sure it’ll become a firm favourite.

Children’s Books for World Book Day – Horrible Science and Histories

Children's Books for World Book Day

The Horrible Science and Horrible Histories series were another of my regular reads as a child. They make learning about these subjects tonnes of fun!

There’s a huge variety of books to choose from too. From Fatal Forces and Bulging Brains, to the Cut-throat Celts and Gorgeous Georgians, you’ll have plenty to keep you and the kids occupied.

All of the books have comic book style illustrations that bring the learning to life. They make particularly good companions for children starting high school. But even at seven years old, my son is finding plenty to enjoy!

The range has actually been getting larger over the years with Horrible Geography and Maths making an appearance.

You can also grab some really good bargains on compilations of these books from Amazon. Horrible Science here and Horrible Histories here.

Children’s Books for World Book Day – Dinosaurumpus

Children's Books for World Book Day

Fancy a story you can dance and jig along to? Sprogs obsessed with dinosaurs? Look no further then, Dinosaurumpus has you covered.

Dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes gather together to dance the night away. Is that a T-rex coming over the hill!? Not to worry, he just wants to join in the festivities too!

This book is great for getting your kids moving as they follow the actions in the book. Stomp-stomp-stomping their way through a dinosaur dance party of epic proportions.

When they’ve tired out from the rumpus, the kids can join their prehistoric dance buddies and settle down to sleep. Eban and I must have read this book together hundreds of times and it never gets old!

Just like the books before it, you can grab this one on Amazon too.

Children’s Books for World Book Day – Brer Rabbit

Children's Books for World Book Day

Finally, the Brer Rabbit books are among some of the earliest I remember reading with my mum. These are short tales that certainly make great bedtime stories for children.

Each tale is told from the perspective of Uncle Remus. It all takes place on a plantation in the southern United States, with the culture and conditions of the time being apparent in the storytelling.

Brer Rabbit is a trickster who get’s his way by using his brain to outwit the likes of Brer Bear and Brer Fox too. If all else fails, he can always just escape back into the briar patch, safe and sound.

I still have my original compilation of stories from when I was little. They’ve been updated and re-released with colourful pictures now, I had to make do with black and white when I was a kid!

You can find the updated collections on Amazon.

The Joy of Reading with Children

I wanted to add a note before closing to encourage everyone to get reading with their kids. Nothing fires the imagination quite like a good book. The pictures can certainly never tell the whole story and there lies the true magic of books.

You and your children have to imagine what certain things look like, how situations play out off of the pages. Stories like the BFG transport you to worlds in your own mind, something that screen based entertainment simply cannot do as effectively.

Reading with your children also encourages them to learn and develops their own reading ability as they follow you through the pages. Try taking turns to read a page, or get them to do the reading every other night.

I implore you then to cuddle up, choose a book and fall in love with a story together. There really is nothing like it!

What’s your favourite book to read with the kids?

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6 thoughts on “My 5 Favourite Children’s Books for World Book Day

  1. My personal favourite was George’s marvelous medicine. Roald Dahl books were epic to read as a child, I don’t think there has ever been anyone as good as him for painting incredible pictures in the mind for kids!

  2. I loved Roald Dahl books too, especially Matilda and The Witches, even though The Witches scared me a bit! I enjoy reading with my 2 year so much and it’s great to see him take an interest in books already. I’ve made a note of some of your suggestions for when he’s a bit bigger. I definitely think he will love the Dinosaurumpus book so thanks for sharing!

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