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The Second Time Around Stag

The chances are that all of the stag dos that you have previously attended or even organised have been wild raucous affairs structured solely around alcohol, alcohol and more alcohol. It is fair to say that although everyone professed to have the best night of their lives, most could probably barely remember it the next morning.

The Second Time Around Stag

The Second Time Around Stag

A second time around stag however, is likely to be rather different. There will probably still be the compulsory excesses, but these will be limited. You are older and wiser now, and should be hoping for something more sophisticated than 15 pints of lager down your local boozer with a stripper at half time.

All of this sense and maturity however, doesn’t have to mean that you and your mates can’t or won’t have fun. With more cash in your pocket and experience under your belt, a second time stag can prove far better than the first.

Activity Breaks

If you don’t want to spend the entire day falling in and out of the local hostelries, why not structure your stag around an activity which will be suitable for all your guests. Perhaps a round of golf or two followed by refreshments at the 19th hole! A walking weekend or afternoon’s canoeing can be a great team building exercise before you adjourn to the bar later.

Sporting Events

Sporting events are great ice-breakers and the chance to attend a much-anticipated race meet or football match is an opportunity that few will want to miss. Try visiting an online ticket seller to get your hands on some much-coveted tickets and make everyone’s day, home or away, one to remember. Imagine how impressed your mates will be if you manage to bag West Coast Eagles tickets for one of their biggest matches. You would certainly score serious brownie points, and a few beers besides.

Brewery Tours

If you simply can’t bear the thought of alcohol-free entertainment, why not take part in a brewery tour. It is certain to be of ‘interest’ to all, and you will come away with a souvenir, even if it is only a sore head!

Driving Experience

Before the drinking begins, why not have a go at an off road driving experience. Racing and rally driving are popular options, or perhaps a 4×4 will allow you to release all that pent up frustration you feel every morning when you drop the kids at school.


Second time round you and your buddies probably have much more disposable income to play with than before, so why not set a budget and place some bets at the races for a day. This can be a great laugh, and you may even win enough to buy the first round later.

After all that fun and, let’s face it, probably beer (you’re only human) round things off with some good food. You can afford something a bit better than a kebab this time round so make the most of your opportunities and fill your boots. After all, you only get married..twice!

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