In December 2017 Virtual Wombat completed its metamorphosis into a totally awesome Webcomic.

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Thanks to everyone who supported my initial blogging journey, it gave me the education I needed to get my comic launched.


Our First BBQ of the Year

When the summer comes around there is nothing I love more than getting together with friends, throwing some meat on a BBQ and cracking open several boxes of craft ales. The only problem is the British weather is rather temperamental so a good ol’ BBQ is often a last minute event.

Our First BBQ of the Year

The First BBQ of the Year

In typical British tradition the hot summer days have been few and far between, so I have only just squeezed in my first BBQ. This happened last week while away in the Isle of Man without my usual BBQ and tools to fall back on. The weather had been up and down so on one of the warmer evenings we grabbed a couple of disposable BBQs and a bunch of craft beers including a selection of Badger Ales.

My wife, our friends and I threw a blanket on the ground, fired up the BBQ and knocked together some summery sides such as salad and coleslaw. Armed with Manx Dragon sausages, marinated chicken and some kebabs we spent the evening watching the sun go down, drinking and enjoying each others company.

Not Our Typical BBQ

As I said previously, we were away so we weren’t able to pull out our usual BBQ from the shed. We’re big BBQ fans so have all the tools and a constant supply of charcoal and firelighters. Unfortunately it doesn’t look anything like the BBQ set up in the video below, that really is the ultimate BBQ Shed; I’m sure Chammy would love it if we upgraded to that.

Have you had any good BBQ’s so far this year? Any recommended ales for me to try for the next one?

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