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I Hate Valentines Day: Stop Feeding Me Your Commercial Agenda

Prepare your good selves for a rant on why I hate Valentines Day. This might be an unpopular opinion because once February is looming, the internet becomes a buzz of Valentines activity.

While we’re on the subject, I’m also not a fan of certain aspects of Christmas. Call me a scrooge all you like. But first, I’ll explain why.

Enforced Gifting

Valentines Day and so many other holidays, Christmas included, seem to revolve almost exclusively these days around a period of enforced gifting. I’m not against giving gifts at all. What riles me is the commercial way in which it’s all handled.

Giving a gift to someone you love should be a heartfelt expression of feeling. Waiting to do it on a specific day of the year just seems to defy the point to me. I don’t need to be told when or how to dote on my wife. Likewise for my son or any other one of my family and friends.

Pressure to be in a Relationship

Hate Valentines Day
If you’re not involved with someone, I think you have even more right that I to hate Valentines Day. Depression and even suicide rates increase around this period in February according to research.

Loneliness ends up being at the forefront of people’s minds. Especially when our society seems hell bent on telling them there’s nothing worse than being alone on this one special day!

Outlandish Purchases

It puts unfair pressure on parents, families and couples to spend even if they can’t afford it. You’ve only got to look at the vast uptick in credit taken out around Christmas to see what I mean.

Spending on credit reached such an astronomical level last Chrimbo that the Bank of England felt the need to warn people! The expectation that we should all spend vast amounts of money at certain points in the year is ridiculous.

I Hate Valentines Day – So There

In conclusion, I don’t need the corporate machine to tell me when to treat my wife. I’ll do so whenever I feel like it, thank you.

Rant over!

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5 thoughts on “I Hate Valentines Day: Stop Feeding Me Your Commercial Agenda

  1. I completely agree. Valentines Day has never seemed particularly romantic to me, I don’t like that we’re being told when to be romantic and how (usually by spending money). I’d much rather receive a gift on any other day of the year as I feel it has more meaning!

  2. I completely agree and to be honest I don’t know how one can disagree. The “commercial agenda” has killed every positivity in any celebration. Luckily, we have an agreement with my partner that we do NOTHING for Valentines day as a protest.

  3. Very well said! I also think the heartfelt gifts and treats, be that something bought, said or done, throughout the year are always much more surprising and wonderful to give and receive.

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