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How You Can Get More From Your Money

Unfortunately, money is a finite substance – while there might be people and big corporations that seem to have limitless cash via their numerous assets, that isn’t available to most – especially cash-strapped parents! We have to stretch our monthly budgets as far as they can go to cover costs.

Making the Most of Your Earnings

How You Can Get More From Your Money

After all, everyone likes to have fun, but we have mouths to feed and responsibilities to cover. The money you earn from your job tends to disappear or be committed to something important quite quickly (like bills), leaving you with nothing at all to plough into savings. This can be really frustrating, as parents we do need our money to go further. Everybody needs their cash to go further.

So, if you want to get more from your money – the very first thing that you’re going to have to do is start spending less. That might be a bit hard, but everyone who is spending money can find ways to spend less cash – it’s not that difficult. By changing to cheaper ingredients, finding cheaper suppliers, or more cost-effective alternatives to the things we pay for each week, we can certainly find little ways to save money.

If you’re trying to save for an important purchase ask yourself if you really need that expensive TV subscription or if getting another takeaway makes sense. Every little helps here and the more you can do to create a monthly excess of cash the better – because that’s when you can start really making your cash go a lot further.

Making Savings and Investments

When you’ve saved up a chunk of cash, what you can do is invest. Investing has never been easier thanks to the internet. You can find tips and advice all over the place, and you can also find plenty of investing opportunities that allow you get more from your cash.

However, with every investment opportunity you need to be careful – there are plenty of schemes that are nothing more than a blind gamble – and this is not something you want to get involved with, especially if you’ve got a family to be responsible for!

So what sort of things can you get involved in? The first is really rather simple – it’s property investing, and most families do this by default when they pay their mortgage towards owning a family home. Many families will get involved with investing via this method, and it can be a good way to make money – a return can be made on the sale of a home, and it’s a source of equity. It can always be remortgaged as well.

Other ways of investing are more typical – for instance, we have commodity trading where you’d buy into a commodity (typically Gold) before selling it on at a higher price to gain a return. Then you have investing in stocks and bonds, stocks of companies which can usually be sold on, unless dividends are expected.

You could also check at work and see if the offer a share save scheme, where you make tax efficient savings straight from you salary.

Investing is just one way you can get more for your money – and in some cases it’s a great way of ensuring financial security for yourself and your family – especially with property investment. The key is to only buy into what you can afford to lose, and always take a conservative approach to your investments.

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