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In Which I Try and Fail To Explain What’s Going On in World Politics

2016 will forever be remembered as the year half of the people I recognise from my childhood disappeared. Also, the year in which the landscape of world politics took a weird and surprising shift towards the absurd.

Brexit became an actual word, because apparently Britain’s exit from the EU is too hard to say. In the USA a man who won less votes than someone else came to power on the strength of his insulting impressions.

What in the name of Uncle Sam’s undershorts is happening?

A Brave New World of Uncertainty

World Politics
We Brits suffered a year in which we couldn’t trust the damn words of¬†any politician anywhere. One side told us leaving the EU would cause an apocalypse the likes of which the world had never seen. The other made posters covered in actual financial lies and hatred.

The man who brought us the promise of the EU referendum in the first place decided clearing up afterwards might be a bit hard. So he resigned. The leadership saga that followed brought us an entertaining romp through the swamps of absurdity.

Someone who didn’t want to be leader, tried to be leader. Someone else suggested that someone without children couldn’t possibly be trusted to look after the children. Boris Johnson mumbled something about something then skipped back into a parallel dimension.

Finally, when everyone else had bowed out, Teresa May took the mantle of PM. Not because she was the favourite, but because no one else could be bothered. Right.

The Labour party found themselves in turmoil when their leader didn’t support what the rest of the party thought was the right answer. Not enthusiastically enough at least. Then, when they decided they no longer wanted Jeremy as leader, they held an election and decided they wanted him as leader. What?

Mr Corbyn is at least guaranteed to look just perfect on the floor of a half empty train. A qualification we should expect of all major politicians, surely?

A Billionaire is Elected to Rein in the Billionaires

World Politics

Across the pond, a man notorious for his failed business ventures becomes president. He’s still a billionaire, but purely on the might of his father’s legacy and the ability to sell his name. Fine.

His election promises include putting power back in the hands of ordinary people. He accomplishes this by installing a cabinet consisting almost exclusively of multi-billionaires. He’s literally asking the pigeons how to clean their crap off the statue.

Once in office, dear Donald proceeds to reverse the defining point of his predecessors presidency. He laughs along with his man mates while signing in limiting abortion legislation, which has been blogged about fantastically here. He starts plans for construction of a wall across the border with Mexico.

Concluding his first week in office he begins banning refugees in the name of security. In doing so, he severely limits the movement of employees of some of the largest companies in his nation.

The world looks on in horror, but it’s OK. At least now Captain Comb-Over can claim to be fulfilling his election promises. The ones less than half the nation voted for.

World Politics – It’s all Gone a Bit Crazy

2016 was the year it was decided instead of talking to each other, we’d just find the nearest badger and fling it’s poop back and forth over a nice new wall. Metaphorical or otherwise.

What do we do about it? Don’t ask me, I’m just a guy with a wombat on a webpage. I’m pretty sure we won’t solve¬†problems in world politics by berating one another in a never ending race to the bottom though. It’s time to educate, not scream at the top our voices until we’re red in the face.

Maybe we should all calm down and bake some cakes or something.

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