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English Heritage Membership – Our Best Ever Family Purchase

Finding something to do every weekend can be a difficult task. An English Heritage Membership is a brilliant way to explore your local area and also learn about its history.

In South Yorkshire, where we live, there’s are all sorts of castles, monuments and historic sites to visit. The same is true for every location in the country too!

An English Heritage Membership is Great Value

Castleton and Peveril Castle

What’s the entry price these days for your average theme park? £50 per person, maybe a little less with a family ticket? I can’t help but think that’s a massive expense for your average family.

Our English Heritage membership cost us £92.50. For fifteen months. That’s a family membership too, which gets my wife and I plus up to six kids per adult into any site in the country! Many of the sites are pet friendly too, such as Roche Abbey.

You’ll also receive regular news letters, a members magazine and a welcome pack. The magazine is filled with suggestions for places to visit and keeps you up to date on any seasonal events in your area.

They have various offers going on all the time. Check their website to see the current costs of signing up.

English Heritage Membership – Sites Across The British Isles

English Heritage Membership

Another great thing about an English Heritage membership is that it makes entry into various UK wide attractions much cheaper. You’ll get entry into all kinds of places across the UK, Isle of Man and overseas for a discounted rate, or even for free.

In the Isle of Man for example, we purchased a Manx Heritage pass for half price. This got us into any Manx Heritage attraction.

Historical, Educational and Beautiful

As a family we’ve learned a great deal from visiting our local heritage sites. Places such as Peveril Castle, which I’ve blogged about in the past, are drenched in rich history.

These old buildings and ruins exude a beauty all of their own. If you have any interest in photography, these places are incredible source material to feed your habit. I’ve spent hours snapping away on the visits we’ve made so far.

I’ve even been able to match some of our visits to Eban’s school topics. Late last year he was doing a topic on castles. What better way to give a sense of life to his studies than visiting a few real castles?

Seasonal events for the Whole Family

Isle of Man
Moody grey skies greeted us on our visit to Peel Castle

Your English Heritage membership will get you access to seasonal events all year round. Everything from Halloween to Christmas events are generally happening somewhere local.

For Halloween last year there was a creepy night time tour around one of the local castle ruins. There was fancy dress and a guided tour to some of the creepy history and goings on too!

So Much to See, so Little Time!

We used to get a little bored of doing the same things every weekend. Now there’s so much locally for us to see we need an action plan on when we’ll visit each site!

I can’t emphasise this enough. I think the English Heritage membership was the best family purchase we ever made. You can visit the website and join here.

Have you got any recommendations for good value family days out?

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