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Detox Diet Scams – It’s All Absurd Myths and Nonsense

Nothing riles me more than seeing people who don’t know any better being taken for a ride by scammers. They crawl out of their dingy holes in just about every walk of life. Among the worst of them are the con-artists who claim that they can magically better your health through some sort of “detox”. These detox diet scams are wrong, pure and simple.

Let’s explore this murky subject in a little more detail.

My Kidneys and Liver are Fine – Thank You

Detox Diet ScamsThe nefarious crap wombles who peddle these products all over the internet know nothing about your body. Furthermore, they conveniently forget that we have organs perfectly capable of removing toxins from our blood.

Your kidneys and liver filter waste products and toxic substances from your body with resounding success. Your skin and lungs also play a role in keeping your body happy and toxin free.

These substances are either ingested, like alcohol, or produced because of natural body functions. Let’s be clear. If you didn’t have a working set of organs doing this, you’d be extremely ill. Or dead.

Detox diet scams are ridiculous because they all claim to do something your body does perfectly well on its own.

Mysterious Nameless Toxins

Ask the twit trying to sell you that radical new detox plan what chemicals are being removed. They won’t be able to answer the question. They don’t exist.

Much scientific work (by actual nutritional scientists) has been dedicated to this. In 2009 a group of UK scientists asked the companies behind fifteen different products for their evidence to support the detox claims. None of them could produce any at all. In fact, they couldn’t even name the substance being removed from the body.

This tells us one of two things. Either these companies are intentionally deceiving us or the dog ate their research. I’m inclined to go with the former.

Detox Diet Scams – You Don’t Lose Real Weight

Lose a bazillion stone in only two weeks! We’ve all seen the adverts. So you understand why this claim is false, I’ll explain a little about how your body stores energy.

Your body stores energy primarily as fats and also in the form of soluble carbohydrates. The fats are the long term emergency store, so to speak. The carbohydrates are easily accessible at any time of the day.

Detox Diet Scams

Your primary goal when losing weight is actually to reduce the amount of fat stored by your body. What actually happens while on these cruel and unusual diets is that you burn through all the soluble carbs. The water in which they were stored also evacuates your body.

The fat is still there and what’s more, as soon as you come off the detox your body will replace them. You’ll put the weight back on again.

If you’re serious about losing weight, don’t rely on some fad diet or detox purveyed by an internet moron.

Physical Detox – Keep That Pipe Away from My Butt

It confounds me that there are actually people out there convinced that sticking a hose up their behind is healthy. Not only is this completely false, the procedure can perforate your bowel.

Colonic irrigation is a complete nonsense. The mysterious “plaques” these bum spraying scammers claim to be cleaning away, simply don’t exist.

How can you maintain a healthy gut? Certainly not by washing away all of your helpful gut flora. Eat a healthy diet and don’t neglect fibrous foods, it’s that easy. No one needs to submit themselves to a pipe up the pooper.

Detox Diet Scams – Summary

Detox Diet Scams

In conclusion, drug dependency is the only real reason for a medical detox. All the commercial stuff and fad diets are utter nonsense. Therefore you should confidently avoid the lot of it.

That also includes agents of companies trying to claim miracles from certain basic vitamin tablets, like Juice Plus (There’s some great write ups on Juice Plus here). You may as well throw your money into a fire.

Your body will get everything it needs by eating a healthy balanced diet with plenty of fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Plenty of fresh water works wonders too. Talk to your doctor or a qualified nutritionist if you have genuine concerns.

Have you had any experiences with detox and fad diets?

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4 thoughts on “Detox Diet Scams – It’s All Absurd Myths and Nonsense

  1. Very well said! I also think it’s all a con (though I’d be wary suggesting eating a fibre rich diet as for some, like myself, it causes problems rather than helps).
    Avoid it all and save a bunch of misery and money!

  2. I have been having this conversation in work continuously over the last few months. A guy in my office and his wife have “started their own business” and are now fully qualified nutritionists overnight. Despite me being unable to find the slightest shred of evidence that Aloe Vera gel has any form of healthy, detoxing properties, as Sharon off the estate says is works it most certainly does! Better still, I am missing out apparently because “I fail to see the opportunity to have my own business empire too.” How very short sighted of me.

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