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D is for Dax the Dog; Virtual Wombat A-Z

We arrive at the letter D in my list of alphabetical likes and dislikes. I’ve decided to feature a member of the family that doesn’t get mentioned very much. Say hello to our spectacularly weird rescue pup, Dax. She’s definitely a love, even if she is a bit trying at times!

Our Rescue Staffy Dax

Dax the Dog

Two years ago we decided to make an addition to our family. Not the type that requires furious and scheduled shagging though. Nope, we were looking for a dog. Considerations were made about puppies and breeders and all that jazz. But in the end we settled on looking for a rescue doggy instead.

We started a tour of the local rescue centres looking for our new friend, knowing that a rescue while challenging was a responsible choice. Eventually we arrived at Mayflower Sanctuary in Bawtry. Finally, we fell in love. Martha as she was known at the time became Dax, named after the character from Star Trek. I’m a shameless nerd, what did you expect?

In a kennel not far from the entrance, through the din of barking and howling sat a tiny lady Staffy of two years, making not a sound. Her only desire was to lick our fingers through the bars. Over the next several weeks we met her a few more times, taking her for walks through the nearby woods. Our minds and hearts were made up and after a quick inspection of our house we were allowed to bring her home.

The Challenges Were Worth It

I’m not going to pretend that having a rescue dog is easy. Often the history of these animals is sketchy and they require a lot of attention and further training. My wife works from home, otherwise I would never have considered giving Dax a home. That’s not cold, it’s responsible. Chammy can give her the time and attention she needs and walk her regularly.

Dax has a few problems with anxiety and can also act strangely at times. Especially when she knows we’re on our way out without her. She has however become a very well behaved dog. She only rarely bothers the cat, has a great cuddly relationship with Eban and is very well behaved on the lead. She’s become a trusted snuggling companion in the evenings and an inseparable member of our family.

We love Dax. She’s a pain in the backside at times as many dogs are. I wouldn’t change her for anything though.

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