In December 2017 Virtual Wombat completed its metamorphosis into a totally awesome Webcomic.

It now lives at where all future updates will be found. I'm leaving the rest of this content here for anyone who wants to read it but will now permanently redirect to the new website.

Thanks to everyone who supported my initial blogging journey, it gave me the education I needed to get my comic launched.


Content: A Note on how Often I Post

When I first decided to blog, it was extremely important to me that I create plenty for visitors to read. Consequently, I worked hard with a content frequency of at least one post a day.

Virtual Wombat has been live for two months now and how the time has flown. I wanted to add this quick note to inform my regular readers on how I’ll proceed from here on.

Content Frequency – Making Time

Blogging Content Frequency Sitemap

I work a full time job as a Telecoms Engineer as well as maintaining Virtual Wombat. The goals on content frequency that I set myself have been fine in the short term. I now feel it’s time to do a little re-balancing.

I look at the home page of this site now and feel very proud of what I’ve achieved. In two months I’ve managed to flesh out the blog with a range of posts on a several different topics. I’ve really enjoyed the challenge too.

From here on out, I’d like to give myself some more time to experience things that can become great posts for you all to enjoy. As things stand, maintaining the seven or more posts a week cadence isn’t leaving much time to pursue that goal.

With this in mind, I’ll be reducing the content frequency to five new posts a week. That frees up my weekends to spend more time on photography or playing the latest games. More days out with Eban and Chammy are also on the cards!

Another Big Thank You!

There really isn’t much to read here! But as a final point I wanted to reiterate previous sentiments of gratitude. I’ve been overwhelmed and humbled by the kind words of my readers.

I love to make people laugh, I feel great when I can share my hobbies with the world. This blog is the platform from which I’ve been able to do that. I’m pleased that you’re enjoying it as much as I am.

Once again, thank you for visiting!

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6 thoughts on “Content: A Note on how Often I Post

  1. You’re doing a brilliant job with the blog, and in such a short period of time too, it’s very impressive. Reducing the frequency to work on experiences outside of posting sounds like a sensible idea. Looking forward to more Wombat wombles!

  2. 5 posts is still an epic goal! I post once per week, with an occassional booster article thrown in now and then. I don’t get chance to stop by that many times, but I do click through a couple of times per week so it must have worked so far 🙂

  3. I think five posts a week is even hard to be honest and I work from home full-time. I enjoy your posts and it doesn’t feel like you’re just churning out posts for the sake of it so I think that is all that matters. As long as you’re enjoying it then great!

    • Thanks Katy. I’m enjoying it and that’s why I’m finding the time despite working full time too. I’m not going to hold myself to five a week if other things get in the way, but so far I’m finding that gives me the ability to get the variety of content across that I want to.

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