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Bag a Bargain: Collection Only on eBay

It’s no secret that eBay is a great place to grab a bargain. Over the years I’ve found many a deal with the biggest savings being on collection only listings but collection only doesn’t mean you have to be local.

Collection Only – An Bargain Hunter’s Dream

Bag A Bargain With Collection Only On eBay

The great thing about collection only listings is they rely on plenty of interested parties in one specific area, or on people willing to travel to collect the listed item. This often means that these listings don’t get anywhere near as much as attention as those that include delivery, we just can’t be bothered with the added hassle.


This means you can buy certain items for much, MUCH less than a buy-it-now listing. You could be looking at savings into the £100’s on larger items so it really does pay to look further afield and consider paying for a courier to retrieve your item.

Let A Courier Go & Collect

You can now organise your eBay winnings to be collected for you from the other side of the country with courier services such as Shiply. Anything from TVs and furniture to camera equipment and cars; yes, you can have them collect a car for you.

Simply pop in your items details, then Shiply will offer up your collection to more than 100,000 service providers and give you a free quote. eBay items are so easy to sort too as you can just input the item number in at the start. Shiply will pull the postcode from the listing, you add your postcode and retrieve your quote.

You can even grab a quote BEFORE buying or bidding so you can factor in the collection to the total cost of the item – checking that it really is a bargain.

Don’t Let Distance Deter You

There really is no reason to not look further afield, opening you up to a whole new world of bargain hunting.

So next time you’re on the look out for the deal of the century, don’t filter out those results that are too far away. Include them and see how much a courier service could save you.

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