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B is for Burgers – Virtual Wombat A-Z

You’ve had a hard day at work. Your head aches, your eyes are tired and you want something sumptuous and Juicy in your mouth. What will you do? Certainly not that you dirty minded so and so… You’ll eat some nice big juicy burgers, that’s what! B in the A-Z is for burgers, because I love them!

Burgers are Good for the Soul

Burgers Picture

Well, I think they’re good for the soul. Of course it’s debatable what a soul is. So whether a slab of something juicy in a bun will help it in any way I can’t really say. I’m talking rubbish again aren’t I? Sorry, let’s get to the point.

Being a fat bastard of epic proportions, I really like food. Among the many varieties of nourishment available, burgers are just one of my personal favourites. They’re so versatile. You can make your burger out of almost anything and then top it with an equally wide variety of ingredients. You can theme your burger too. Mexican, American, I even had a really great Thai themed vegan burger at a restaurant.

Burgers are also gloriously easy things to make at home. Get the kids involved. Don’t go buying premade rubbish from the supermarket! Get your ingredients in a bowl, plop your hands in and make something special. When you’re using meat just remember not to lick your fingers. I’m not being blamed for you pooping through the eye of a needle for eternity.

I mean, come on, who doesn’t love a good burger? You should treat yourself this weekend, bank holiday and all that isn’t it? Thankfully unlike Oliver and his mates we don’t have to settle for gruel.

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Do you have a favourite food that you couldn’t live without?

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