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G is for Gaming in the A-Z

It’s been a while since I did an A-Z post. Here are the previous entries if you missed them. Anyway, who would have guessed that G would end up being gaming? Ha! Only bloody everybody! But I’m not just talking about video games here, that’s a part of it sure. I love me a good card or board game too, so let’s start there!

Board and Card Games

Cards Against Humanity
Image: Cards Against Humanity

There is nothing that tickles me more than a good game of Cards Against Humanity after a few beers. I know it’s vulgar and risqué at every turn, but it’s an absolute ball with a group of friends. If I had a pound for every time I’ve experienced an entire room melting down in laughter at a particularly well-matched hand… I’d have like… At least £8.

Another favourite of mine is Balderdash, it’s fun making up your own facts. There are a few versions out there like the one I’ve linked, ours is based on words. If you’ve never played it, the basic idea is to compete against one another to come up with a definition for a word (among other things depending on your version) and you score points for the number of players who guess yours as correct; even if it’s complete nonsense.

Honourable mentions go to Scrabble, Monopoly and UNO. One thing I’ve never been able to get into is proper table-top RPG gaming. If anyone is a whizz with that stuff and fancies teaching me how to go about it, get in touch!

I’ve got another board game on its way to test that might make its way into a review and/or Christmas gift guide very soon, so stay tuned.

Video and Computer Games

Mario Kart

There had to be a section for these. I do like a good gaming session and especially one that allows me to have a good laugh with friends. For that reason, much of my gaming time has been going into World of Warcraft recently. The wife and I run our own guild on Argent Dawn and it truly is a wonderful collection of people. If you play, get in touch in the comments down below if you fancy joining us for a few drunken mythics or a naked raid. We’re all on Discord. You know you want to!

An equal amount of time is put into my beloved Nintendo Switch, for which I’m still enjoying Mario Kart and Zelda: BotW. It fits my needs so well because of the portability and there really is nothing quite like a good old Nintendo game. I’m intending to grab the Rabbids Kingdom Battle game soon and perhaps knock out a review. Late as always!

So that’s it for this A-Z entry.

What would you have picked for G? If you’re an avid gamer too what are your favourites?

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