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Collectable Toys – Skylanders are a Modern Evil

How many of us used to collect things when we were kids? We have new players on the scene these days. Toys whose roots are dipped in pure evil. Collectable toys with their nefarious targets squarely on your wallet.

I was particularly fond of Lego. Model cars however, were the preference of my brother. Both could be expensive I’ll grant you that, but both also lasted years and years. My brother and I carried these hardy collectable toys right through to adulthood. I just can’t see the same being true of things like Skylanders.

Planned Redundancy

Collectable Toys

Lego is timeless. It spans and breaches generations as easily as an angry bull breaches the proverbial china shop. Hence, the Lego set you received with eagerness as a child will work with the ones you buy today. Yes I still love Lego. Don’t judge me (I am a grown up, really I am!).

Skylanders and by extension, Amiibo (what is it about Nintendo and that double I?), Disney Infinity (thankfully now cancelled…) and all the rest of these modern collectable toys are different. They’re based around the simple principle of making you buy a new edition that’s almost exactly the same as the last one every single year.

I know the toys still work, but many of the accessories don’t. The traps that my son spent ages filling with Skylanders only a few years ago are now useless, with the newest game throwing them by the wayside.

Made of Poop

Collectable Toys

Don’t even get me started on the prices of the figures. The asking price for a pack with two figures in this year was an eye watering THIRTY POUNDS.

One of those figures, the familiar Crash Bandicoot was so flimsy he broke within a few days. His legs were made of the thinnest plastic I’ve ever seen. He’d have been hardier if he was built from the frozen tears of parents all around the world who, like me, fall for this crap year on year.

I could have designed a figure more long lasting built from lolly pop sticks and Plasticine.

Collectable Toys – Why do I keep falling for it?

Because I’m stupid, that’s why. And Nan keeps buying the bloody base set, flinging me into a cycle each year that never ends. Because I’m a terrible softy who can’t say no. Obviously I’m terrible at this dadding thing.

Maybe I should sell the boy into slavery and buy myself a Lego fortress? Nah. I’d miss him too much.

Here’s some other games to play with the kids.

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