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C is for Call of Duty; Virtual Wombat A-Z

Next up in the A-Z of my likes and dislikes we have Call of Duty. Now as I’m a gamer I’m sure you’re wondering which side of the fence this particular title falls on. Am I a fan who buys every yearly release or are there other things on my roster?

Call of Duty – How the Mighty have Fallen

Call of Duty Meme

Yep, we’re on the dislike side of the road after all. Don’t get me wrong, I have played the game in the past and enjoyed it quite a bit too. Though admittedly I’m not much of an online multiplayer sort of person. There was a point however, shortly after Call of Duty 4 was done and dusted, that it all went a bit wrong.

I wouldn’t call myself a rabid fan of FPS games, but I do enjoy the odd foray into the genre. Usually on the less realistic side of the scale. You’re far more likely to see me excited about a Halo or Killzone game for example, than a shooter based on a real world conflict. But it’s not there that my issues with the series lie. In fact some of the more recent entries in the franchise have been futuristic in nature.

The real reason I despise Call of Duty is because as a franchise it embodies everything that’s wrong with the gaming industry. It’s formulaic, never really does anything new and treats it’s player base like a group of mindless zombies. I put the vast majority of the blame for this on Activision, the publisher. It seems the suits in the office there even now, can’t grasp what’s driving the decline in sales.

Call of Duty – So What’s Wrong with It?

Call of Duty Header

Here’s a few clues for the executives. Making people excited about a remake of the most celebrated entry in the series (the aforementioned fourth) is great. Bundling it exclusively in a collectors edition of your most recent game that costs an eye watering £80 is utter bullshit. How any company can pull a stunt like that and not expect to be shunned by their audience is frankly ridiculous.

It doesn’t help when the game you’re bundling it with is a visionless re-hash of the past several entries either. Get some new ideas or give the franchise a rest. Heaven knows it could use one. When will these massive behemoth companies realise that yearly entries in a series are bad? It kills creativity, dampens the desire of your consumers and dries out the concept. It speaks to volumes about how boring your games have become when a headline new feature is advanced fish AI. Right.

I mean come on, even Ubisoft is starting to get the message and they’ve been even more dense than Activision at times. They understood that Assassins Creed needed a rest, it needed to be reworked and have new life injected if the franchise was to survive. Call of Duty needs that rest too. Give it a few years and your teams a much needed opportunity to find some new creative vision.

It’ll only benefit your bottom line in the long run.

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