Bestico Nintendo Switch Accessories Review

My wife and I were so taken by the convenience and innovative proposition of the Nintendo Switch that we bought a second one. We are now a two Switch family and thus we were in the market for another case and some other bits and pieces. Bestico were kind enough to offer me a selection of their accessories in exchange for an honest review.

The Switch Case with Extras

The case provided by Bestico comes with a selection of extras that make it excellent value. There are three plastic adhesive screen protectors with cleaning wipes provided, plus a transparent case for some game cartridges and a pair of protective silicone Joy-Con covers.

The case is really well made, with a hard shell for good protection and a soft moulded area inside to hold your precious console. It’s waterproof and anti-shock thanks to its EVA construction. There’s a carry handle on the back, meeting the zipper on either side. The case is large enough to provide ample space for a few cables or other bits and pieces in the upper half.

The Joy-Con covers included not only keep them clean but also add a little extra bulk to them, as you can see in the picture below. They feel better and more comfortable in the hands.

Joy-Con Cover

There’s a flap inside that doubles as storage for eight of your games too, with little elasticated pockets holding each one securely. The underside of the flap is a soft material that’ll keep your screen protected from the other contents of the case. The elastication extends to two retaining straps that keep the console nestled in it’s moulded compartment.

The case is remarkably similar to the ORZLY case I bought for my own Switch, but the added extras and lower price make the Bestico offering incredibly good value.

A Convenient Nintendo Switch Playstand

In my review linked above one criticism I levelled against Nintendo’s newest gadget was its weak playstand. The tiny piece of plastic flips out from the rear of the tablet and provides a serviceable if wonky way to hold the switch up if playing on a table or other surface. But your switch is liable to fall over, you can’t have the charger plugged in at all and the stand even has a tendency to come off altogether, requiring a fiddly moment spent clipping it back in place.

Enter Bestico’s Playstand, which elevates the switch in a way that you can keep the charger or a battery pack connected (thank goodness!). It’s also much sturdier and holds the Switch nicely with none of the worrying wobble associated with the built in stand. The stand even folds into a tiny flat rectangle that’s small enough to fit snuggly into the top portion of the Bestico case.

It’s a nice little extra to have with you for some impromptu multi-player games. Something that really plays to the strengths of the Nintendo Switch.

Joy-Con Wheels for Racing Fun

Bestico also sent me a set of Joy-Con racing wheels, the perfect companion for a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe enthusiast. These allow you to snap one of your Joy-Cons into the centre and use the built in motion control capabilities to steer your racer on screen.

The extra bulk means that the tiny controllers are easier to handle this way and the built in right and left bumpers are more easily accessed thanks to the buttons on the wheel itself. The Joy-Cons are easily removed for re-attachment to the console when you’re done.

These are great value when compared to Nintendo’s official product with a significantly lower price and exactly the same functionality!

Bestico Accessories Review – Conclusion

The company has developed a really good set of great value accessories to complement the Switch, playing to the strengths of the console while also ironing out some of it’s weaknesses. The playstand especially is a must for anyone you regularly plays in table-top mode.

You can grab each of these items from Amazon, with next day delivery for free if you’re a Prime member!

Switch Case and Accessories set

Nintendo Switch Playstand

Joy-Con Wheels

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Bestico provided me with the products in this post free of charge, in return for an honest review. The opinions here are entirely my own.

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