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5 of My Most Memorable Movies

A great movie has the ability to capture your imagination for a lifetime. Whether it’s because of the innovation of special effects or the gripping story line, it’s likely that a few movies were responsible for forming your ideals as an adult. There are some movies that can thrill you momentarily and others that stand the test of time; the kind of movies you can watch over and over again.

Star Wars

5 of My Most Memorable Movies

Star Wars has been hailed as an epic. This was proven during the release of The Force Awakens, when fans of the original trilogies came out in force. It was proof of the huge impact movies can have on you as a child, and the fact that those influences never die.

The Star Wars merchandise market is now bigger than ever – take a look at Vadershop and see for yourself. The best thing about Star Wars is that the story is still continuing. The next instalment, The Last Jedi, is due for release in December 2017.

Harry Potter

There are eight Harry Potter movies altogether and each one adds to a magnificent story. Whether you read the books first, read the books after or never read the books at all, these films are will remain timeless. Originally written and marketed as children’s books, there have been just as many adults to fall in love with J.K Rowling’s tale.

The films have been so loved that you can even visit a Harry Potter world in Orlando, Florida. Rowling has now continued the story on the stage by co-writing the script for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.


Avatar was one of the most visually stunning movies to grace our screens. James Cameron took near enough ten years to complete the film because he wouldn’t settle for anything other than perfection. It was a film worth putting 3D glasses on for.

Although the story is lacking in some ways, it doesn’t matter. The whole point of this film is to enjoy the brilliance of the technology available to movie makers in this century.

The Notebook

Tell a woman you’ve never seen this movie and dare her to not convince you to watch it. It’s impossible. If you like a romance movie, Nicholas Spark’s ‘The Notebook’ is a must watch.

It’s a true testament to first loves and how the heart never quite heals or gives up on it. The movie is full of passion, even though it was rumoured that Rachel Adams and Ryan Gosling hated each other while filming.


Disney is nothing if not memorable. Dumbo, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast. You only have to mention the name once for someone to know what you’re talking about. Frozen is a Disney movie that every child went nuts over.

Do you want to build a snowman? No, but I bet anyone from the age of 3-10 will! Even Disney were surprised by the major success of the movie. So much so that they were forced into making spin-offs and a second movie, due to be released soon.

What’s your favourite?

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4 thoughts on “5 of My Most Memorable Movies

  1. Am I the only one of the female species that’s not seen The Notebook? I’ve no desire to watch it as I’m not a ‘chickflick’ fan, and yet now I feel I have to check it out to see what all the fuss is about. Damn you Aaron!
    Caz x

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