In December 2017 Virtual Wombat completed its metamorphosis into a totally awesome Webcomic.

It now lives at where all future updates will be found. I'm leaving the rest of this content here for anyone who wants to read it but will now permanently redirect to the new website.

Thanks to everyone who supported my initial blogging journey, it gave me the education I needed to get my comic launched.


Colourful Vegetables

Vegan Take Two! The Wholefood Story

Chammy and I tried packing meat and dairy in last year and for the most part, did pretty well. Soon however, we both crumbled like the weak, impossible, human fools we are and planted our faces in something made of animal. Now we’ve made another attempt and we are OWNING this thaaaaang!

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Cards Against Humanity

G is for Gaming in the A-Z

It’s been a while since I did an A-Z post. Here are the previous entries if you missed them. Anyway, who would have guessed that G would end up being gaming? Ha! Only bloody everybody! But I’m not just talking about video games here, that’s a part of it sure. I love me a good card or board game too, so let’s start there!

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7 Gadgets That Will Improve Your Family’s Lives

Gadgets that the Family will Love

Everyone wants the best for their family. Regardless of who you are, where you live, or what your background is, it’s something that we can all agree on. Whether you’re a parent or a child, a sibling or a cousin, looking out for your family is something that comes naturally for you.

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