Evil and Ridiculous Baby Names

Keeping Kids Entertained Evil Ridiculous Baby Names

If you’re soon to be a parent you’ll be familiar with the difficulty in picking a name for your incoming sproglet. It’s a decision my wife and I agonised over before finally settling on something unusual, Eban. There’s no fun in that though! Here’s a list of more ridiculous names if you want your child to hate you for the rest of your life.

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How I See Eban’s Favourite Programs

Spongebob Characters Kids Programs

He finds them fun, he copies what he sees, he laughs like a lunatic. I get a different vibe when I’m watching kids programs with the small one. I thought it would be interesting to translate some of Eban’s current and past favourites into an adult relatable format. It’s not pretty…

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Twenty More Dad Jokes for the Kids

Dad Jokes

After boring your kids into oblivion with my fist selection of dad jokes, it’s time to try something different. Your number one responsibility as a parent is to torture your children. There’s no better way to do that than with an ever expanding library of face-palm inducing gags.

I hope you’ve got your straight face on. Here’s another twenty dad jokes to tut at.

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Mother’s Day Pranks – Torture Your Mum

Mother's Day Pranks

Ah Mother’s Day, another date on the calendar designed to guilt trip you into spending money. Seriously, no one should need to be reminded to treat their mum. Anyway, as every blog on the planet seems to be listing gift guides, I decided to take a different approach. Here’s a list of Mother’s Day pranks instead.

Go on, really make her day.

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English: Our Dumfounding Language

English is Confusing

I grew up with teachers telling me that English is easy. No one should ever struggle to learn our basic, simple language right? I beg to differ, in fact I think in it’s own way English is confusing.

As I’ve a busy weekend ahead, here’s a short written example of why I feel English is actually more dumfounding than it’s usually given credit for. Lettuce sea watt I’m talking about…

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