xtava Pro-Satin Infrared Straighteners Review and Giveaway

Me straightening my hair

I have curly mop hair. In fact when I was much younger and much more vain I used to straighten it nearly every day. It went with the gothic jet black hair look, alright? So when I was offered these straighteners to review and a set to give away to you lovely people, I said great! Youthful good looks for me once more!

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Vegan Take Two! The Wholefood Story

Colourful Vegetables

Chammy and I tried packing meat and dairy in last year andĀ for the most part, did pretty well. Soon however, we both crumbled like the weak, impossible, human fools we are and planted our faces in something made of animal. Now we’ve made another attempt and we are OWNING this thaaaaang!

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I Only Went & Bought a Bloody Mac!

iMac on Desk

This weekend me and Windows really fell out. For the umpteenth time Microsoft’s bloated, sputtering, behemoth decided that it doesn’t like drivers and pissed off behind a blue screen of mystery. Well, that was it. Last straw. I marched straight to the nearest Apple store and traded in my principles for an iMac.

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G is for Gaming in the A-Z

Cards Against Humanity

It’s been a while since I did an A-Z post. Here are the previous entries if you missed them. Anyway, who would have guessed that G would end up being gaming? Ha! Only bloody everybody! But I’m not just talking about video games here, that’s a part of it sure. I love me a good card or board game too, so let’s start there!

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Star Trek Discovery First Impressions

Star Trek Discovery Title

I’ve made no secret on my blog that I’m a Trekkie. I actually wrote a two part guide to the universe, for people who liked the idea of catching up before Discovery began. I’ve been looking forward to the launch of a modern take on the franchise without the cinema baggage. Here’s what I think so far.

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